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          Latest R & D products

          Introduction of new products PA46

          Available toughened, reinforced, flame retardant, heat resistance, wear PA66, PA6, PA46, PA6T, PP, PC, PBT, PE, ABS, PPS, PET, more than ten categories hundred varieties; company currently developing environmentally friendly flame retardant high temperature glass fiber reinforced PA46, PA6T products, mainly used in high temperature environments all types of electrical connector series, connectors, electronic products, Pai Pai master series, FPC / FFC, a variety of high-temperature components and so on. . Overcome processing retardants decompose under high temperature conditions, material properties and other ills decline. Has excellent high temperature performance, high stiffness to maintain performance while showing good high-temperature creep resistance, good thermal insulation insulation properties. And has easy processing and excellent flow properties, can be used to achieve the 0.1 mm thin-walled section of parts without flash, with its limited flame retardants comply with ROHS directive. Has exceeded its targets or the equivalent in foreign similar products, has been adopted by many well-known manufacturers of mass adoption.

          Nylon nail introduction of new products

          Our company is the use of plastic nail nanocomposite modified resin material produced by processing. There are all kinds of nail size, has a head nails, headless nails, nails and other specifications. Compared with nails nail special engineering plastics, which is characterized by high strength (with nails equivalent), light weight (only nails 1/4), non-absorbent, no rust, corrosion-resistant, anti-static, dust-proof explosion, coloring, Lee processing (can be cut and polished without prejudice tools), fire, explosion, insulation. With steel, iron, copper can not be replaced performance. Mainly used for furniture production, manufacture boxes, stitching, wooden packaging, construction, decoration engineering, Jianghai ship production, wood processing and manufacturing, etc. (can replace stainless steel, copper, galvanized nail).